I don’t think I’ll be able to see them again…

Posted: April 11, 2014 in Depressive Poetry, Love Poetry, Painful Poetry, Sad Poetry, Struggle Poetry
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She doesn’t want me to suffer
But here I am getting desperate
About what could happen tomorrow
She tells me not to worry about it.

I’m here sitting alone in this room
She tells me that I should get out
What the purpose of getting here?
If I’m still gonna be a prisoner of my thoughts?

She thinks her love is not enough
But the only limit I’m measuring now
Is the capability of reaching out
To the people I need and I miss so much.

I’m here sitting alone in this place
She tells me this my new home
What was purpose of beginning again?
If I’m still gonna follow the ghosts of the past?

I’m afraid I’ll never gonna see them again….

  1. This is very powerful and heartfelt. It’s always hard and scary when we have to leave behind our lives, hearts, people we want in our lives due to no fault of ours. It’s hard to imagine and terribly unfair. Fear can be crippling and create walls in our minds and hearts and sometimes we just have to keep fighting them. No one knows what their tomorrow will hold or even if we will get our tomorrow, so all we can do is live our days and work towards the tomorrow that we want. I know that you can’t silence these fears, feelings and doubts and it’s always good to just let these feelings out. You just have to remember that these aren’t the only fears that are holding you, you have to push through these walls and you might fear that you won’t see them, but I believe that you will and I am working with that knowledge. I will do whatever is in my power to help you see them, and you know that, so you just have to try and keep that fact in your head too through all the struggle. You aren’t alone. ((((hugs)))) Love you!

  2. bruisedbelly says:

    It is hard to like this with the sad content. Sending best wishes your way.

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