Bilingual Love

Let’s break this language barrier with our love
Let me show you how this feels on my part
It’s like the collective dust around the globe
Every tiny particle is a beating pulse of my heart.

I wish I could come with words to describe how you make me feel
When I close my eyes, I feel your presence floating over me
When you hold my hands, pulling me closer to your self
It’s like sweet gravity, like a silver river, clean water, purifying me.

Every song I listen to sings about your name, darling
I wish I could be that troubadour writing hymns to you
Every word I speak comes short to what I’m feeling
Snuggling under these blankets, all of these moments I wish to share with you.

“Te amo, mi amor
Y toda mi vida contigo la quiero vivir
A mi lado, corazón
Solo contigo por siempre poder ser feliz
Un beso entregado en multilenguaje
Que pueda hablarte de amor en español y en ingles
Oh, mi vida, tu amor es un tatuaje
Que llevo tatuado en mí ser para siempre, así en bilingüe.”

  1. Wow this is beautiful!! Beyond words. I had to translate the words in Spanish and I am sure that it does not do them justice but they are breathtaking. You wrote from your heart here with every word and I think you showed just how beautiful the use of the right words and emotions together can be. I love it babe 🙂 You are truly amazing!! Love you!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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