Codename: MKU

You wanted to talk about the secret files of corruption
The fundamental base of every conspiring corporation
But you ignore that the ending product of your addiction
Is manufactured by the subliminal drugs set in motion
That piece by piece are brought and forged into production
So you can buy them and add them up to your collection
So you let go and set your spirit free in your imagination
For this is the primal source of your condemnation
The wicked plot that was set since the birth of creation
And you’re just a pawn tied up to its own misdirection.

The experiment consist in involving you
With an impression pre-established ages ago
Another drunken zombie stumbling through
The unhinged idea inserted that won’t let go.

We negate our reality, thinking we are immune
But more than divine, we’re just common
For our strength will never be truly enough
To evade the following trend of fluent current.

There’s no god, if not the God we believe to be true
And being atheists, in our atheism we found ourselves lifeless
And going back to our logic, to our theological roots
We, the impious, found our nature in our pornographic mess
A pious sin to cover up our bodies, to cover up our flesh
Ashamed that the watcher would see through our nakedness.

They will devour you if you allow them
They will win if you give in to their conditions
We are the ones to set down the limit there is to rend
We are the ones abide if there’s any rendition
Before all of their promises, which has no end
Before the consistent existence of no definition
We must recall upon the self-control that in the beginning was given
Instead of exchanging our passion with all the “angels” of fornication.


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