I wrote this a week ago and forgot to post it here…

Grasping Air

What will I do once you are gone?
What will I do? Where will I go?
I remember when I used to be home
I wanted my space; I wished to be left alone.

But time always caught with us while we’re distracted
What would I do when life takes you away from me forever?
I will regret all of those times I took you for granted
I will regret all of the changes I had to show you how much I care.

I would love to push away the issues of if you were a truly loving influence
Nobody would dare to talk imprudence about their figure of authority
But all the times you’ve hurt me cannot compare to all the times I’ve needed you now
And here in the distance I wish I could spend time with you again somehow.

Oh father!
Oh mother!
Being an adult is so difficult
And I’ve been hurting since I was a child
Would hold me for one minute?
And tell me everything will be okay one more time?

What am I to do once you’re gone?
I’ll be left with the sentiment of knowing I was the one who left home
Oh how I miss you both in the distance right now!
I cannot bear to imagine the day that you won’t be there anymore.

Time is running fast and it won’t stop
Soon will come the day when they will call me and I’ll hear the news
You did all that you could to raise me up
All of the angering moments that I wished I was good enough for you.

I will never forget the tears of the day that I left my town
I know it wasn’t easy for you to simply let go
How’s for a father to say goodbye to one of his sons…?
I had to do the same to both of mine on that day, full of sorrow.

I’m gonna miss you so much once you are gone
I’m gonna miss more than I’m missing you right now
You did good with what you had and that’s enough
But my broken heart will always bleed for the love I feel for you both.


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