Portentous Cognition

Golden plate and a silver spoon
It’s simply how some kings dine in this place
I’ll be waiting a while, will it be here soon?
When will it be the time that I’ll be blessed by such grace?

All angels fall by my side
I guess they’re losing the war up there
There’s a gap abounding inside
Would you teach me how’s to love and how not to fear?

Oh how I long the freedom of knowledge
Oh how I long a third eye
If what I know isn’t enough, well then,
Would you tell me every secret that hides?

Breathing in and breathing out
Sitting here in darkness and silence
This seems like a one side conversation, should I shout?
Maybe you cannot hear me in the distance.

All daemons they utter and invite
I guess there’s a reap if I ever join them
Every sensor tingling at the site
Dive yourself in, and count in regression from ten.

What’s the reason of this pathway?
What’s the meaning of this realm?
I never intended to drive my anima away
I only wanted to know, only wanted to learn.

Consumed by the fiends in my mind
I have become one of them, one with them
Is there a way to get back into the lines?
Is there a chance that I could return?

Give me what I want and then I’ll go away
I won’t let go until you meet my demands
Surrender it all now, for there’s no escape
I’ll continue to fight until you put on your hands.

Bless me
I want to have of what you give
Come on, put it over me
I’m well deserved of that touch, of that gift.


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