Deep Down in the Muscle

And then I was told to let it go
Oh, how I heard so many words
“Instead of talking about it, just do it now”
Is like you’ve forgotten how much it hurt.

You’re inside your own bubble
And you won’t let me reach
Don’t try to reach, you won’t
Here, you have, all that you need!

Let me talk about it
As many times as I want
Not everyone heals
As fast as you obviously do.

You deny your own pain
By saying you overcame it
There’s nothing wrong with mourning
Nothing good comes out of denial!

What made me think of this?
The fact that I had to bottle it up
Let’s speak about this, let’s speak of it
Cause it’s been killing me
And it won’t ever let me free.

Deep down in the muscle
Just where all these secrets lie
I want to bleed it open
So maybe you’ll understand all I hide.

  1. bruisedbelly says:

    Hey, good to have you back 🙂

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