The Famous Nobody

The Famous Nobody

My life is so public
My weak points exposed
Ignored by the likes
Who think this is a joke
A game I’m playing
But I couldn’t make this up
As much as I would want to
So fucking dramatic
So fucking painful
For those who give a damn
This notepad is my journal
And social medias the channels
To yell at this world
“It’s enough. Just stop it!”
“Can’t take anymore of your bullshit!”
So sick of reading
“How cool you are”
“How raw you write”
“How different you are from everyone else”
But when it comes to the boiling point;
I sit here alone
As if no one can hear my voice
As if no one can see me through
The mist of a world burning down
When the pyromaniacs started to lust for a taste
And the heat of the light became their own escapade
Us, the mitochondria, decided parade into our platinum sheltered homes
But this has become much of a prison for me
Still I’m too paranoid and too damn agoraphobic to actually set a foot outside
So I sit here, in darkness, praying to the heavens, if the may listen
Begging for the sky to crash down upon us or simply suck us up into oblivion
Whatever might be the sentiment at the moment
Whatever choices make them look faultless and wise
Immaculate and pure
Been called the best self controlled schizophrenic
But what am I to do with these voices in my head
Telling me I’m right and that they’re wrong again?
I’m the famous nobody
The one who will prove to you that not everyone is the same
Except for the rest of the world
I’m here to clarify to you how much confusion takes part of the decisions we make
Absurdly logic, naturally distorted
I’m not a genocide kind of man
Nope, for I’m more of a nihilist!
For we all deserve the wrath of the
Gods we made up in our minds
May mercy fall upon us, for we all are the lords of homicide.


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