Choke on My

Posted: July 15, 2014 in Artsy Poetry
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Poetry is an arms race…

Choke on My

I need to write something new
Say something different
It could be true or skewed
But they need to rhyme in each sentence.

Can’t talk anymore about my anger
Has written twenty thousand papers about that
Each word needs to be somber
I need to stop writing only about the bad.

Can’t curse or be disrespectful
Always must be political correct
Don’t dare to address political statements spite being sick of the bull
Crap that always comes with it.

Don’t dare to write long lines
And then mixed them with short lines
Don’t you dare to rhyme
A word with the same one.

Don’t make a typo or wrote the wrong verb on a sentence
It doesn’t matter if you did it by mistake or simply by coincidence
Either if that was the case or just done on purpose
Man, always remember to always make complete sense.


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