I wrote this poem 11 years ago. It was in Spanish. I decided to translate it and post it here. Enjoy!


When I presence your exuberant essence
I faint into the most profound of the infinite
There’s something in your eyes, the way that they glare
That makes me weak in my knees, and for that I declare
I want to feel those silky fragile hands brush over my dry dismaying face
There’s something about your soul that makes mine get drunk with grace.

There are no doses enough for me to drown the picture of you engraved in my mind
Nor lights enough to blind me from the image I wish to see with these eyes
Inside the madness of eternal love and even beyond I want to stay
I don’t want to wake up from the glory that your beautiful body tends to display.

All I ask for are a few syllables diagraming as synonyms for my fix
It is enough for me to simply see you forty feet of distance from me
Even then your radiant energy will reach and fill me up with what I need
To heal these shattered wings; which I shall use to set flight to the heavens, where all the angels live.

If pouring is ever having a need for you
I‘ll pray for there to be rainstorm
And if bleeding is dying for you
I will dive into the depths of a hailstorm
Because when you love
You sacrifice it all, even my own sake
Just to feel your breath
Breathe into me, if that what it takes.

A whirlwind of emotions alters this river when of your absence calls
And the birds they rest in their nests, as the sun sets off into an eclipse for infinity
There’s an immense need for you in this solitary room, where I signal for your soul
And in this alleged heart of mine I long to tact the heat waves of your femininity.


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