The Letter

Posted: August 12, 2014 in Encouraging Poetry, Spiritual Poetry
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Dedicated to the people who have gone through depression…

The Letter

My friends, depression is a condition in which the brain indicates there’s something wrong with you, although it might be untrue
A disease in which the devil tries to convince you that you’re ugly and worthless, and sometimes you believe it’s true.
Is something that consumes all of your thoughts and takes you hostage
It sometimes pretend to be your one and only friend
Making you doubt about everyone’s intentions and driving you away from everything
It negates self-love and your love for others; turning it into a venomous loathing
It doesn’t let you eat, breathe, sleep or even live in peace
It’s something that goes on erasing beautiful memories of your past
And instead keeps reminding you all of the struggles in your path
It goes on distorting the view that you have about yourself in your life
It goes on turning around, telling you that they’re no reasons left to be alive
It makes you feel insignificant, impotent, numb and invisible
That no matter how much you try change would be impossible
It screams at your face that there’s no escape, that no one here can help you
It dares you to harm your own self, cause that’s the only thing that can “soothe you”
It drags you down for you to drown yourself into the drunken sills
To medicate yourself, and to sedate the pain with unprescribed pills
But I tell you, don’t let it get you into that cage, tie you into that rope
Go fill your head with positive things, exciting things, all full of hope
And though you might have tried a million times before, I tell you try again
Do not allow the stillness and silence take reign over your brain
The truth is that there are millions of people out there that feel the same
And though at times it might feel we’re not lending a hand
We are still at your side, all of my brothers, all of my sisters, any woman, any man
And if there was a chance that tomorrow might be end for any of us in this planetary space, (if that may be the case,)
First, let me tell you, that we will always love you and we will long to see your face again… (in this my faith is firmly based.)

  1. Reblogged this on The Pursuit: Being Creative and commented:
    Again in my pursuit of beautiful things, this is a truly heartfelt and moving poem. Please read and share. Art and inspiration and love comes in many forms and from many different places. If you are looking for something to inspire you today, please read and share these words.

  2. This is beautiful! I love each and every word of this. I think that many, myself included, have experienced these type of feelings and doubts but it’s nice to hear the comfort and support offered by your words. I have shared this on my blog as well, I was really moved by your words. This is amazing baby! I love you! ❤ ❤

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