Posted: August 29, 2014 in Artsy Poetry, Melancholic Poetry
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A reflection of who we are now and used to be…


You are a married woman
Who serves her husband and all his needs
You are dedicated human
Who works her way and takes care of herself.

The shade on the tip of your hair is shedding
Asking where have you buried the body?
For every children that you are attending
Remember the time that yours dreams used to be a hobby?

You are an adult woman
In her womanhood who loves infinitely
You are strong-driven human
Who burns the tapes recording the curse spoken.

The tip of the dress you wore for wedding
Is asking where have you done with the dolls?
For every starving mouth you’ve been feeding
Remember the time when our dreams made us feel like fools?

I feel like we’ve been stretching this on and on and on
And my friend, dear stranger, it has stopped being fun
A telephone call cut from the cord, castrated by distance
With how many people we’ve slept, keep on the silence!


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