Is This A Prayer?

Posted: September 10, 2014 in Encouraging Poetry, Spiritual Poetry, Struggle Poetry
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Is This A Prayer?

Can my heart be sensible enough…
To hear your voice speak again?
Can I let aside all of this life’s struggles
And spent a moment with you again?
Cause I proclaim myself the king of honesty
But I haven’t been quiet honest with you
I feel ashamed of how I’ve always believed in you
Ashamed of how I felt you abandoned me
Call me crazy, but I believe you’re up there
Call me insane, but I believe you’re the Lord
Call me whatever, but my whole life depends of you
Call my name, for I need to know what my purpose in this life is.

So come my friends, telling me not to take it so seriously
So come my comfort, cause I cannot take anymore any of this
Come whatever, might heal me and set me free
May that whatever be the grace and love of You, God.

Can my heart be strong enough…
To handle all the hellish things that are coming?
Can my faith hold still this time…
While demons rip apart all I’ve built with my blood, sweat and tears?
I’m too proud to pray
I’m too proud to hope
But I’m praying and hoping against my own will
So will you please answer to this humble petition?
So call me hypocrite, but I prefer going back to you, shelter under your wings
Than staying in my own narrow twisted ways
Call it double standard, but I prefer to humble myself in front of your presence
Than denying that you’ve ever existed or ever helped me…

So come my friends, without their understanding of my need
So come my comfort, cause I cannot deal with any of this
Come forth your glory, come heal me and set me free
Come forth your reign, it is time you show the world who’s king…

  1. beingcreativebc says:

    This is beautiful and moving and very much a prayer I would say. I can definitely relate to the emotions and meaning behind this. I know that I have a desire and have always had a desire to be more spiritual and there are definitely times in our lives when we feel the tugging harder than others. There is just such power in this and an open honesty, I think that prayer should be this way too. Keep searching, seeking that is all that we can do. God is more powerful than we can imagine.

  2. I pray you are doing ok!

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