Stop with the drama
I don’t think I can deal with this anymore
Let the dead be dead
Don’t undug that grave anymore, no
Let time pass you by
And the tears run down your face
And let the screams
Go past through your ears
Do not flinch
It’s everyone’s fault what has happened
The pain we have caused
Is the pain we have caused
I don’t want to be responsible
For your lack of understanding
I’ll only be responsible
For the things I have done
So stop with the drama
I don’t want to deal with this anymore
And let the dead be dead
I won’t go back to that place anymore
May this be my end or not
May this be the end of the road
May be anything, anything at all
I know I’m not to be blamed responsible.

  1. I like the flow of this. Sometimes we just have to let all the anger and frustration out because that is all that we have left to do with it. Keep writing and getting it all out. Love you! ❤ ❤

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