The Collective (Not So) Invisible Evil

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Enigmatic Poetry, Painful Poetry, Struggle Poetry
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The Collective (Not So) Invisible Evil

All the pain you’ve given me
All the drama I have lived
Pushed aside for there’s new life
Now hanging in balance.

This curse you’ve given me
Has it rubbed off to someone else?
Cause now it seems my children
Have to live a worst fate.

I scream, I shout
I’m doing all that I’m allowed
But justice is a backstabber
That only serves the ones with power
And maybe this poem
Won’t make that much of a difference
But I can’t stand here
I can’t stand here and act all indifferent.

All the damage you’ve cause onto me
Does not compare with all the agony I’m now feeling
You can take my own life anytime
But don’t you dare destroy those of my own children.

You are to blame
The collective (not so) invisible evil
And your puppets human beings
Who react to your every command.

  1. The evil will never win. I know it’s hard to keep going forward with everything seeming like it is against you, but you aren’t standing alone. We will keep praying and know that in the end justice will be served. It’s hard to keep the faith and fight, but just keep believing you aren’t in it alone. ((((huggies))))

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