I completed the piece of poem I wrote back in summer of 2013, also titled Nostalgia

Nostalgia (Complete)

Family and friends…
All of these cherished moments
Layered in fun and happiness…
Everything that you lose in the process of growing up
These tiny little details
That seems so important.
Nostalgia takes ahold… again.
I miss being that boy.
Everything was hanging in the balance of my memories
They keep me moving forward
As I stop for an instant to remember
As they fade away… forever…
And there’s nothing I can do.

Is all who I am now all that I dreamt to be?
I just follow all of the instructions given
But sometimes I stop to wonder silently
Is this who I am? Is this all there is for me?

(No matter how much you try to hold onto it)
The past is the past
And all the things that were once then, now are no more
And all that you dreamt to be one day, right now is unreachable
(And now nothing seems to really matter)
All that it was; a mirage, an illusion
A thing that you never could say your good byes to
You have lost the most important part of yourself; your innocence.


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