For All The Things To Come

Posted: October 25, 2014 in Artsy Poetry, Encouraging Poetry, Social/Society Poetry
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For All The Things To Come

And so all things fall on logic
And it seems we all feel in the heart
Enter a smile to face what’s tragic
Might as well add up to the rest of the scars.

Unwantedly wanted
Goes in and out; our so many personal confusions
For all that we are handed
All the small things we spill out in our confessions.

This lonely island
Isn’t as cold or as warm as I thought it be
This is no man’s land
Taking as much space as we should leave.

And if you can’t relate
It’s because you are not being real with yourself
There’s always a tale to tell
A sad, heart-breaking event that changed us forever.

And before we close this book of words,
Written in blood, tears, love, fear and rage,
In the pages of this thing we call “life”;
Wander as all the worlds you see merge,
A place in time, where the space is our stage,
Where hope and faith drives us to suffice.

For all the things to come
Whether them be good, bad, or evil
I’m here to face them, this is my home
I’m not here to negotiate, so I won’t allow the upheaval.


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