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The Cockcrow Potentate

Maybe I’ve chewed on more than I can swallow
Maybe I had bet on more than I can bargain
But I won’t be the leader for the blind and the hollow
But I won’t be a number for what absurdity sustains.

Somewhere along the way I lost the meaning
I lost the meaning of why I was doing all this
Yes, somewhere along this life I confused the understanding
Confused the understanding of all of the riddling.

Maybe I’m carrying more than I can transport
Maybe I’m giving more than I can handle
But I won’t be the reason for the angered to distort
I won’t be the treason of my own principles.

Somewhere along the way I inflated my ego
Inflated my ego in a way that it left me trapped
Yes, somewhere along this journey for redemption
In this journey for redemption I believed I found a God in me.

I’ve become a distortion of all I wanted to be
I let the pain, the anger, the hate get the best of me
And though I’ve tried to run away for all of these vices I love more
I’m addicted to being right, for self-righteousness I am a whore!

Somewhere along the way I took the wrong turn
Hypnotized by the shiny light of the one they call “The Cockcrow Potentate”
Yes, somewhere along the way my soul began to burn
With all the agony of the wrong doings, my dear drug, my will cocaine.


Based on the psychosis of a jealous husband. So its fictional.

Murderous Intent

She says “your words are knives
Cutting on my skin, stabbing on your chest, slitting on my throat”
And here we lie in, with our lives,
Thinking of a way to escape this prison confine we both call love.

This time I won’t allow it
One step out of that door
And you’ll be gone… gone for good!

She says “I’m really scared of when
You say words like that, write songs like that, have thoughts like that”
And here I am, fighting all my demons
Trying not to let the worst of me get ahold and do something to regret.

This time I won’t allow it
One step out of that door
And you’ll be gone… gone for good!
This time I won’t be taken
I won’t be taken for a fool
I’ll have mine… you’ll get yours!

If you’re in, you’re in for life
And if you’re out, you’re out of life
This ring… signifies…
This love… signifies…
For the rest of our lives!
Till death do us part!
So in go the words
And in go the knives!

Been watching too much TV lately, watching and reading too much news. I can see a pattern when there’s one. I don’t expect any like on my opinions about these matters.


Can’t keep my eyes off your pop culture
Can’t follow through your politically correct standards
I see with the eyes of a guy whose sight has been unraveled
I don’t speak your tongue, but I can imitate it to the T.

So wave your flags full of pride
As you flag the thoughts in my mind
Freedom of speech has become the gateway drug for abuse
A jail for those who want to conserve their convictions.

A veil of darkness has fallen upon this nation
But I bet that was the master plan of our forefathers
So built your obelisks, your harlots holding candles
Are you too ignorant to fail to see that this rainbow now includes your color?

Can’t keep my eyes off of this atrocity
Newer lies in the news, double standard and misinformation
I speak with the tongue of a guy whose mouth has been ungagged
I don’t speak your slangs, but I can assimilate it all in me.

So frown your faces full of hatred
As you push me to the corner where you keep your prisoners
Racism is still alive and still kicking the shit out of our citizens
Neo-Nazis holding their breath, bringing forth their Zionism.

The rulers of the Land of the Freedom
Have raped us over and over and over again
With their hypnotizing trend of “you need us, we don’t need you”
Fodder to the farm, for they’ve kept us starving, dying of hunger.

In this “protective” bubble, they’ve kept us ignorant
To the things outside these borders and beyond
They read us a story book filled with happy endings
Warning us about the dangers of crossing these seas.

Is the same old tale of “The world is flat” again
Teaching our kids the Hollywood version of history
To call terrorists all those who stand opposing this atrocity
But no other country has attacked innocent citizens as this one done.

Like I said before, we just might have forgotten the times we’re in
Cause now, this rainbow (stained with blood) includes your color
gOD bless *******

In the Process of Learning

We must learn to forgive ourselves
From the mistakes that we’ve made
Several years wasted hoping for a chance
Of a redemption that would set us free.

We must learn to carry on with this pain
Of the pieces that we’ve lost of ourselves
Several years trying to repair the wound
And we’re no doctors and neither gods.

We must learn to keep calm in the storm
Keep silent as life rapes us one more time
Several years trying to hide what shame us
And we’re not living the life we’re supposed to.

We must learn to love ourselves
Even if our own thoughts tell us “no”
Several years wasted hoping for someone
To love us in the way we’re supposed to be loved.

We must learn to appreciate life for what it is
A rollercoaster of ups and downs that sometimes
Makes us dizzy, upset our stomachs, and makes us sick
But still we have the chance of living all of it.


Why can’t I be clear headed?
Why can’t I say things without resourcing to anger?
Why am I so disappointed?
I think like I’ve wasted my words on people who never listen.

Another relationship that goes down the drain
I wish I was dumb enough to keep my tongue bitten
I’m not the man you expect to see, you want around
I wish I was healed enough to understand what’s best for us.

Why can’t I run from these noises in my head?
Why can’t I appreciate this momentary happiness?
Why am I so damn bored?
I think like I’m looking for something that doesn’t truly exist.

Another relationship that goes down the drain
I wish I was dumb enough to pretend that I’m okay
I’m not the man you expect to see, you want around
I wish I was clear enough to let you know what’s best for us.

This recipient that holds my thoughts
Needs to be poured somewhere in your own
These doors locked for everything that I appreciate
Is the root of love living in a love that’s dumb?

This muscle matter inside of my skull
What’s the point of it if it’s not to learn more?
These walls that you put up out of unconcern
Is the jail that I’ve been in for months now.

Quadro Di Parole

I have found myself lost in you
Been following you in my dreams
I try to learn more about this magic
And all about your beautiful smile.

I enjoy this time spent with you
While trying to seize the opportunity
I’m happy that you’re here with me
You make every second of this life count.

I’m grateful that I’ve got to meet you
And if only live for one more day
I’m gonna spend it all being with you
Being happy, admiring your beautiful eyes.

I cannot wait to tell everyone this story
Of how you changed the world for me
I look with optimism towards our future
I cannot think of a better quality time.

I have found love in your eyes
You made me forget about the hard times
You’re a reminiscence of the good old days
When I use to pursue the passion of life.

Your smile has revealed to me
All of the love that your heart contains
I’m thankful for having you here with me
And I’m gonna love you with all my heart…
For all the time…
All the time that still stays….
And if all was to be gone tomorrow
If only one day remains…
Before it all goes away…
I’m gonna be happy… I won’t give in into sorrow…
I’m gonna live for today.

Bounded By Age

Sexualize me with the wildest of kisses and caresses
Young pretty thing in need of man to protect her
Jump into the water where there are sharks and fishes
Just skip another moment into the skimpy moment.

We are all bounded by age
By our beliefs and our background traumas
We are all bounded in this stage
This Hollywood porno, this spiritual drama.

Whisper in my ear the things that you would do to me later
Once we are alone, once we in private, our secret
Jump into the fire where flesh is burned but you’re heating
Just push forward the scenes while pausing the baring.

We are all bounded by age
By our beliefs and our background traumas
Behold of our awe and enrage
In this homemade porno, this hypocritical drama.

We, humans are, humans will remain
To hate, to kill, to love, to rave, to cheat
Bring me the one who’s never been in pain
Don’t try to patronize life, God forbid.

Seeking with our eyes
Our flesh hungers for a touch
Fed up with their lies
In comes the mob with torches.

So dream with your mind the things you wish to be real
This situation is between you and me and nobody else
March of the dropped jaws asking “what’s the big deal?”
Envious of all the passion, the lust, the sweat we dispel.