Traditionally Impaired

Posted: November 7, 2014 in Angry Poetry, Painful Poetry, Struggle Poetry
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Traditionally Impaired

Here I am again
Trying to figure out what’s wrong with me
What’s wrong with us
What’s wrong with everything else
There you stand again
Denying every word I’m trying to express
Ignoring every emotion I’m trying to let go off
Not getting the point, letting your pride get in the way.

Not every word I say
Revolves around you, except for the ones
Directed at you
But sometimes it doesn’t seem to matter
As much
So sometimes I go back to that gap again
The one that separates us, and relocates me
The one that drags me under and keeps me silent still.

Every person’s face I’ve seen
They all look the same
Their voices are the same
It all distorts at the end of the day
And all the anger I once felt
And all the hatred I once faced
They all go stuck inside deeper
Like sewage water overflowed by heavy rain.

Don’t you love when the words that you said out of love turns against you?
Don’t you love when discomfort morphs into something else?
You simply don’t know which way to go now
It all feels like a dead end at the end of the day.


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