This can be seen as a continuation of the poem I wrote yesterday. This is what happens when that fear in the back of your head starts getting louder and you start listening to it and act based on it.

Me Vs You Again

Sit down and look around
Like any other day
Wait, slow, as time passes
Just another hour
An eight hour journey
For the last four
Keep one foot inside
Another foot on the door.

Enjoy the yelling out loud
I’ll keep bored in my head
A thing we’ve spoken about a thousand times before
Just keep on living, just keep on feeling dead.

What do we want with our lives?
That might sound like a simple question
The answer that lies inside
Might not be the one you are looking for
Another seven day week
Just wait for the next couples
Another month passed away feeling sick
Can’t seem to keep myself out of trouble.

Enjoy the looking away
I’ll keep feeding my boredom
Everything I could’ve done, everything I could’ve said
But now’s far too late to try to rely on wisdom.

“Complain” is the word of the day
Might as well be the word of the week
Word of the month, word of the year
Word of all of our stupid selfish lives.

Me Vs You again and again
Chocking and strangling ourselves and each other
A wound that won’t heal any time soon
We’ve signed the pact for our own pending doom.


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