Quadro Di Parole

I have found myself lost in you
Been following you in my dreams
I try to learn more about this magic
And all about your beautiful smile.

I enjoy this time spent with you
While trying to seize the opportunity
I’m happy that you’re here with me
You make every second of this life count.

I’m grateful that I’ve got to meet you
And if only live for one more day
I’m gonna spend it all being with you
Being happy, admiring your beautiful eyes.

I cannot wait to tell everyone this story
Of how you changed the world for me
I look with optimism towards our future
I cannot think of a better quality time.

I have found love in your eyes
You made me forget about the hard times
You’re a reminiscence of the good old days
When I use to pursue the passion of life.

Your smile has revealed to me
All of the love that your heart contains
I’m thankful for having you here with me
And I’m gonna love you with all my heart…
For all the time…
All the time that still stays….
And if all was to be gone tomorrow
If only one day remains…
Before it all goes away…
I’m gonna be happy… I won’t give in into sorrow…
I’m gonna live for today.


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