The Porta Alchemica

This city needs me
As it needs my public urination and fecal matter
I’m gonna help it
Insert the insults; raise the volume on the amplifier.

Shadow, my lover
Let’s make a prank that gets out of hand
Darkness, my master
Let’s fornicate together on this holy land.

The public needs me
As they need their government and governors
This passion taints me
I need to face still the very beauty of this horror.

Shadow, my brother
Together you and I will conquer this world
Darkness, my father
Let’s lie back here and laugh as death unfurls.

Nicolas Flamel, barrel and bone
Immortality in the palm of our hands
Sink and break the corner stone
To destitute the premises of this holy land.

Alchemia porta aperit viam num
Tu laudate dominum
Draco Dæmonium regnum
Filius philosophorum
Dosis facit venenum


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