Cogitationum (Thoughts)

Let’s us drive to nowhere
Anywhere is better than this place here
Let’s us jump off this cliff
Anything is better than just standing still.

My mind is consumed by the thoughts of the day’s hardship
I want to free it, I want to clean it, release the dust and come anew
My heart is troubled by the uncertainty of tomorrow’s problems
I want to let it go, set it afloat, watch it sail and enjoy the fresh waters.

Let’s fill this plate with what our eyes can reach to see
We can always share the left overs with the ones in need
Let’s help a stranger for the sake of being spontaneous and generous
There’s no bigger reward than knowing we’re making the difference.

My life is being wasted away by the limitations of my mortality
I want to fly to the heavens, reach down to the depths, and tell about it
My brain is being held hostage by the judgment in my understanding
I want to be a symbol, I want to inspire a cause, change the world forever.

Let me write a song that doesn’t rhyme but tells a story
And a beat we cannot dance to but creates a revolution
I want to see justice and redemption in all of its glory
And the word called “love” being the seed in fruition.

  1. This is absolutely beautiful and inspiring! I can relate to what you have said here and it reminds me of thoughts that I used to have when I was younger….maybe the things we used to have/want seem to fade as life takes over, but it shouldn’t. We should live this way and aspire to these things you have written. This is lovely! Love you baby!! ❤ ❤ ❤

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