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Sometimes I like talking about social consciousness. This is one of those times. This from a point of view of somebody who doesn’t care to understand. Enjoy!

The New War

Comfortable in my hatred for this world
I’m at ease with watching it burn
As long as the flames don’t reach me
I’m okay with the death at hand.

I’m safe here in my home
Watching my favorite TV shows
Relaxed sitting on my couch
Skipping all the troubling news.

I’m here sleeping in my bed
Counting countless of precious sheep
With a big smile on my face
Carelessly dreaming about what tomorrow might bring.

I’m here eating all of my food
And when I’m full I’ll throw the rest away
It’s not my fault that in this world some die of hunger
They should have made better decisions.

I’m doing my share
I’m working my ass off to maintain myself
It’s not my responsibility to watch over others
I’m not indifferent; I’m simply too busy with my own problems.

This is this country’s way
But having a race makes no difference
I’m doing the best that I can to reach up to the top
It is just too bad that the ones bellow work so well as a stairway.

“You can exterminate strangers’ lives
And conquer pieces of foreign lands
But the only war you will never win
Is the one that’s waging within yourself.”



Waiting in Line

It is like I was once told
In order to make it you have to be tough-skinned
I don’t think I can uphold
All of the promises I made for myself as a kid.

Cause years come by, and burst out
And I’m still trying to figure it all
Trying to make sense of what is about
(Before the day comes) when I have to face the fall.

I’m in a fantasy realm
Where I can tail chase my dreams
Afraid of facing the real world
Where I’ll never get to reach them.

I’m waiting for the signal fire
I’m waiting for the fire alarm
I’m waiting for that call, so dire
While my heart grows tired and worn.

This will eventually break me
I wasn’t designed to deep sleep.

I’m still here, waiting in line
Hoping next they’ll call my name
Maybe this time I’ll get mine
And all of this wait won’t be in vain.

I’m in a coma state of mind
Where I can dream of what’s inside
Afraid of facing the world outside
Where I’ll only get to watch them die.

I’m waiting for the signal fire
I’m waiting for the fire alarm
I’m waiting to fulfill these desires
While my heart lies twisted and torn.

This will eventually break me
I wasn’t designed to deep sleep.

How I used to feel back in 2001. Used to be fan of Carl Jung’s books, (actually  still am.) This is just a draft of something I was writing. Hope to work on it further and rewrite to be better.


Tired of being separated
I’m obsessed with being one
Just like it was intended
The day that I was first born.

My shadow’s intentions; horrible
It’s the stomach of my ego
It’s the heart of my pride
And the echo of my anger.

The walls are closing in
The time is running out
Is either being confined or jump in
Into the blackest of waters.

I’m hurt and on the hunting
I’m hungry and in my tunnel vision, rambling
I’m well aware of what’s my intention
(Even) if I must heed to the nature that is violent.

I’m afraid of what might be
Terrified of what I could become
But there’s no other way, you see
I must be the one, one with the sun/son.

Veritas Odium Parit

Come my friends, gather
We have drinks and food for everyone
Come in my friends, further
We have fun games for each one.

Veritas odium parit
Put that sugar coat on you
You don’t want get cold.

Come my friends, enter
We have music and gifts for everyone
Come in my friends, join in
We have warm hugs for each one.

Veritas odium parit
Swallow that pleasure pill
Save yourself from a headache.

It’s not who you are
It’s who you know
Another nameless star
Surrounded by strangers.

Quote of the day (1-26-2015)

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“I was a fool, because I thought I thought the world. Turns out the world thought me.
It’s all the other way around. We’re upside down.”

This quote comes from lines of a song written by Pearl Jam titled Cropduster. Took me a while to really understand the meaning behind it. But I guess there are some things you have to live in order to fully understand.

What’s up with everyone around me being so negative lately? I don’t mean here on WordPress. Life is beautiful for what it is, and yeah, there’ll be struggles, but why have life if you’re not gonna live it. I dedicate this poem to some of my closest friends and my gf too. I give you words of advice only for the best. Love y’all!

Only For the Best

Where to now?
When everything is being led by the trend
Wrong somehow
I cannot even speak to you as a real friend.

No drama here
I’m way past the events that causes hurt
A warning maybe
As personal as it all might harm in secret.

In this age of negativity
Every need is being seen as a complain
Is the new cool way to be
To see everything through a shade of brokenness.

Where to now?
When the next best thing is to bound around
Woe somehow
Loneliness sings to some it’s precious sound.

No drama here
You’re free to think whatever your ego tells you
A warning for sure
When you live only by pride you’ll die by it too.

In this age of negativity
Every plea is being seen as a complain
Is the new cool way to be
To see everything through a cloud of doubtfulness.

I miss the times in when we would give each other another chance
I miss the days in when forgiveness made us better human beings
I miss the instant in when honesty was used to express our pain
And not used as weapon to bring down the person next to us.

I miss the times when we used to hold hands
I miss the nights when we used to stare at each other’s eyes
I miss the way we used to laugh about everything
When joy was a contentious thing and we weren’t ashamed of it.

And if it all wasn’t ever even there
Then we should begin making them
It’s time to build new beautiful memories
And stop thinking that nothing is enough.

This is based on youth’s romance. It’s being presented from a young woman’s point of view. I got inspired in the way of addressing and expressing these words, from the female friends I had in the past, back when I was in college. Now that I’m older I understand how passionate people can be about their emotions and the way they feel about someone.


The Flirtatious Kind

My eyes and my heart have been on a quest for someone like you
First it all attracts the sight, then the heart falls in love with its nearby host
And with you, my sweet dear friend, I hope that into lovers we will evolve.

I fear the change that might come by having you in my life
I’m concern about the feelings that might emerge by loving you like this
But your magnetic engine; my heart jump starts, attracted to you.

And when I hear your voice calling on my name
Is like mellifluous tune being whispered to my ears.

My eyes and my heart’s heavy beats desperately searches for you
Call me clingy, an addict, a stalker, but all that I need right now is you;
For your arms to hold me tight, warming me up, all wrapped around me.

I want to be yours, anywhere, anytime, for all that there is.

I thirst for the moment for us to be alone
I crave for the instant that we’ll find ourselves in private
I’ll immerse you in all the burning restless passion that I’ve held inside.

I’ve never been this shy,
Never felt this weak in the knees
And I’ve never been the flirtatious kind, either
But for you I’m wearing this semitransparent top, this easy-to-unhook bra,
And this fast-to-reach skirt,
For you, I’m wearing this perfume, wearing these earrings, wearing these heels,
Wearing this honey flavored lip-gloss for when you finally kiss my lips.

So what are you waiting for?
Won’t you press your lips against my own?
And press your body too, and all of the other parts of you that you can fit into me.

Because this bed is too big and too cold for me;
I need you here to accompany me, to warm me up.
Right here, lying right next to me, like it is supposed to be.