How I used to feel back in 2001. Used to be fan of Carl Jung’s books, (actually  still am.) This is just a draft of something I was writing. Hope to work on it further and rewrite to be better.


Tired of being separated
I’m obsessed with being one
Just like it was intended
The day that I was first born.

My shadow’s intentions; horrible
It’s the stomach of my ego
It’s the heart of my pride
And the echo of my anger.

The walls are closing in
The time is running out
Is either being confined or jump in
Into the blackest of waters.

I’m hurt and on the hunting
I’m hungry and in my tunnel vision, rambling
I’m well aware of what’s my intention
(Even) if I must heed to the nature that is violent.

I’m afraid of what might be
Terrified of what I could become
But there’s no other way, you see
I must be the one, one with the sun/son.


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