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Kind of a personal poem

When the Sun Comes Glowing

Distance is a terrorist
And time is a bully
And they both conspire
To wash away our moments together
And though short as they are
They mean a whole lot to me
You’re my whole world
You’re the reason I exist.

Next time you go
Take my heart with you
Cause it has no desire
To live alone anymore
It was designed for one purpose
And one purpose only
And that’s to love you
And to be with you too.

Don’t ever mind my tears
Let’s smile for awhile
All I want is to be happy
And to have you next to me
Hold me close so I can hear your heart
Can you hear mine?
Oh, how much I love you
And how much I’d die for you.

Cause circumstances took you from my life
Even when I resisted and I fought
But you’re never too far from my heart
And it misses you a whole lot
And if the sky is raining
It’s because I love you so
And when the sun comes glowing
We’ll find ourselves being close.


Another poem in Spanish. Escribí este desde la perspectiva de un ateo, porque ellos tambien sufren.

Si hubiese sabido que iba a ser la última vez
Que vería tu rostro, hubiésemos compartido más.
Si hubiese sabido en aquel momento, que sería el último día en que yo te vería,
Y que después ya nunca jamás tendría la oportunidad, hubiese dicho mucho más.
Ahora que no estas aquí, pienso en aquel momento;
Navegando entre la marea de estos recuerdos,
Con dolor y rencor, por todo lo que pudo haber sido.
Y ahora que no hay nada que pueda hacer,
Me queda solo mi orgullo tragar, mi lengua morder.
Porque hay un millón de cosas que aun te quisiera decir,
Como cuando en este momento contigo quisiera compartir.
Porque la promesa de que existe un lugar en los cielos, me parece muy distante.
La promesa de que algún día en un futuro nos veremos, me parece algo ingenuo.

Reflecting on whom I was, and who I am. Sometimes you think who you were is your true identity, but sometimes that could be far from the truth.


Mouthful Aluminum

Finding my identity in the darkness again
I guess I was always meant to wear black
Finding my innocence in this madness’ ingrain
I guess one day I was meant to come back.

So scream!
Liberate me from this anger!
The means!
To free the bottled enragement!

My eyes are set to avoid all the hypocrisy
My mouth shut to shun all the charade
I won’t spread all of the paranoid garbage
I won’t be part of this disgusting game.

Oh darling!
Nobody is out to get you!
Oh brother!
Nobody hates you at all!

Stop the drama and I don’t mean it in the trendy ways
That this goddamn society has applied to everything spoken
Sick of “if you’re not with me, then get out of the way”
Sick of the “I will always be lost, I will always be broken.”

Kind of a personal poem

Passing Away

Pain caresses my face
And rests in my heart
Reminding me of my mortality.

Time, it hurts
As it passes too fast
Reminding me of my existence.

On that day I will die
Lost in the shock of the news
That I can’t process in my mind
Oh, no, this can’t be true.
Turn back time.

Distance is poison
Filling up in my cup
Reminding me of my loneliness.

Silence is murder
Swallowing my pride
Reminding me of my faithlessness.

On that day I will die
Drowned in the tears
Of the things I cannot no longer grasp
All the moments that came to pass
Oh, no, this can’t be true.
Please, bring them back.

All of my life meaningless
I couldn’t keep you alive
All of this pain, senseless
In this thing you call life.

And on that day
Time will stop
To go around again
To mock
The fact that you’re gone
And I’ll never be able
To have you in my arms.

On that day I will die
Lost in the shock of the news
That I can’t process in my mind
Oh, no, this can’t be true
Turn back time.

On that day I will die
Drowned in the tears
Of the things I cannot no longer grasp
All the moments that came to pass
Oh, no, this can’t be true
Please, bring them back.

This can’t be true
Oh, God, please, bring us back.

This can be perceived as the sequel to a poem I once wrote titled “Nobody Cares About Anyone.”

A Runner’s Time Up

Words that can’t be interpreted
Actions that can’t be instructive
Your eyes see what your eyes see
You perceive what you believe.

What’s the use in reading?
What’s the use in learning?
If you’re content with what you have
If you’re content with what you know.

A world that shatters around you
But it doesn’t touch your feet
Suffering’s universal, despite of you
And one day, you all will meet.

Words that can’t be assimilated
Actions that can’t be integrated
Your pride will be what your pride will be
You perceive only what you believe.

What’s the use in worrying?
What’s the use in helping?
If you’re content with what you’ve done
If you’re content with your accomplishment.

A world that burns around you
But the flames doesn’t reach
The end’s universal, despite of you
And one day, it all will teach.

The voices will echo and bound wall by wall
You can try but you cannot silence them all
Kill the voice in your head, to become one of them
And it will burn you faster that you’ll ever learn.

So pull down the curtains
Until the mourning day is caught
Then you’ll get how it pertains;
Connotation; “A Runner’s Time Up.”

About awareness of what’s going around you

Charismatic Sociopath

They’re building it up
They’re building it up so high
So when you reach up
When you reach up to the top
One push and you will fall
Hard into the concrete ground.

They’re giving it cheap
They’re giving it cheap to us all
Cause the price is hidden
Hidden behind the spilled blood
The spilled blood of the ones
The ones who were starving before.

Smile it down
As you caught it up
Circus for the clowns
Gathering for the show.

They’re showing it clear
They’re showing it clear for the eyes
Cause when you stare in awe
You’ll be dehumanized and desensitized
And be used to such crimes
And next time not be shocked.

They’re letting it out
They’re letting it out for us all
And in giving us “rights”
“Rights” to defend our own posts
They’re giving us arms to kill
The ones who dare to oppose.

So clap it up
Accept it all
Devilish machinery
Answering the call.

A coin has two faces
That’s how power works
If you want to go places
You’ll have to do more
Like give up your freedom
And act like their whore
Everything’s at your reach
When you die at the shore.

They’re giving it all in
By taking it out of your path
Just like a sympathetic
Charismatic… sociopath.

The Grim (To Commit)

I want to commit
Sell my soul
Whore my pride
Anything that is needed
To get further
To get on top.

I’d sell my convictions
If that would assure me a million dollar house
I want a million dollar car
Assure me the perfect life
With the perfect family
A million dollar kid and a million dollar spouse.

Behind it’s curtains
The devil lies
Love for money
We live in a lie
I’m hungry
For something
Most times
For food
Cause without any
You’re no one
You’ll have
No clothes
No bed
No living
Money rules the world
God doesn’t really exists
The big dollar sign rules us all!

I’d sell my convictions
If that would assure me the most perfect of lives
I want countless of followers
That would praise me
To always have everything
The perfect model kid and the perfect model wife.

Love doesn’t matter at all
All that matters is to survive from this world.