A Mother’s Prudent Wish

Posted: February 5, 2015 in Artsy Poetry, Fun Poetry
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This is a poem. Before reading, you must know that all the things written here are purely artistic expressions of the mind’s fantasies. I don’t believe and don’t rely in violence towards women, or anyone. Thank you.


A Mother’s Prudent Wish

Girl, you show up like a goose seeing red
Assaulting all of those who are trying to feed off their pieces of bread
You’re wrecking my picnic, scaring my kids
You better back off before I start relying on my punches and my kicks.

The bearer of my life always told me;
“Never ever hit a female.
No matter what the circumstances are
Never result to violence;
Except when she threatens your family,
Then slap around that bitch”
I’m not vehement, I’m just ascertaining
My mother’s prudent wish.

Girl, you’re like a spawn, vetoed from hell
Swarming all the way into the finer veins of these pugnacious intents
Your blood begins to boil, your skin to swell
We abide in awe at all of your rambling, your deleterious contingence.

Your tongue must be conjoined to your menstrual stillness
I’m not one to minimize others, but you’re an impeccable example of a cliché
So I must sojourn my tongue before it becomes an illness;
A continual codependency on the right side cerebrum’s verbal impugns’ soufflé.

  1. Very edgy and powerful word selection and piece. Knew you would be back to writing in no time.

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