Mouthful Aluminum

Posted: February 22, 2015 in Encouraging Poetry, Reflection Poetry

Reflecting on whom I was, and who I am. Sometimes you think who you were is your true identity, but sometimes that could be far from the truth.


Mouthful Aluminum

Finding my identity in the darkness again
I guess I was always meant to wear black
Finding my innocence in this madness’ ingrain
I guess one day I was meant to come back.

So scream!
Liberate me from this anger!
The means!
To free the bottled enragement!

My eyes are set to avoid all the hypocrisy
My mouth shut to shun all the charade
I won’t spread all of the paranoid garbage
I won’t be part of this disgusting game.

Oh darling!
Nobody is out to get you!
Oh brother!
Nobody hates you at all!

Stop the drama and I don’t mean it in the trendy ways
That this goddamn society has applied to everything spoken
Sick of “if you’re not with me, then get out of the way”
Sick of the “I will always be lost, I will always be broken.”

  1. I can understand and relate to your words here. I think we all have times where we need to do this reflection and attempt to make sense out of it. We have to love each other, let others love us and never give up trying to do either. At times we as a people seem to forget that. I’m getting away from speaking about your poem, but I enjoyed it. It’s powerful. Love you baby.

    • bloodnshadow says:

      Thanks for reading and for replying. Each one should take a moment and reflect about our thoughts and feelings about the world surrounding us. There’s too much negativity. Everyone has the right to think and to feel whatever they want, but it’s like the cool thing to do now is to complain, not as way of expression but as a way to be part of society. Love u too.

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