When the Sun Comes Glowing

Posted: February 24, 2015 in Love Poetry, Painful Poetry, Sad Poetry
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Kind of a personal poem

When the Sun Comes Glowing

Distance is a terrorist
And time is a bully
And they both conspire
To wash away our moments together
And though short as they are
They mean a whole lot to me
You’re my whole world
You’re the reason I exist.

Next time you go
Take my heart with you
Cause it has no desire
To live alone anymore
It was designed for one purpose
And one purpose only
And that’s to love you
And to be with you too.

Don’t ever mind my tears
Let’s smile for awhile
All I want is to be happy
And to have you next to me
Hold me close so I can hear your heart
Can you hear mine?
Oh, how much I love you
And how much I’d die for you.

Cause circumstances took you from my life
Even when I resisted and I fought
But you’re never too far from my heart
And it misses you a whole lot
And if the sky is raining
It’s because I love you so
And when the sun comes glowing
We’ll find ourselves being close.

  1. It is touching and heartbreaking. Being away from those we love regardless of circumstances is always difficult. Often times those we love know just how we feel and long as we do to be close. Even at a distance love is felt and so we must never stop loving. ((((Hugs))))) love you.

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