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To wake up and go to sleep, it’s meaningless
As well as waiting for it all to turn for the best
The promise of an afterlife is not enough
To keep it all still, to keep my heart stable.

These things I cannot fix have taken turn
Now I cannot do but stare at them as they burn
Another dear memory that goes down the shitter
Maybe it’s time to call it quits, so call me a quitter.

This ongoing battle has stripped me from any hope left
So stop begging me to believe, I know I’ve failed the test
And the lesson is about to fuck me up as everything else
I’ve killed myself a thousand times but it simply will not rest.

To write this down to let go, it’s pretty useless
As well as waiting for time to heal all wounds
The promise of future justice is insufficient
To keep it quiet, and let it all sort out, no, no, no.

These stolen parts I can’t regain, it hurts
Now I cannot do but stare at them as they curve
Another loving action warped by their greediness
Maybe it’s time to walk away, so label it abandonment.

This ongoing battle has torn my muscles, sucked dry my energy
So stop asking me to try still, I know I’ve lost in all this
And the end results are about to fuck me up as everything else
I’ve pushed further a thousand times but it still won’t make a difference.

I’m just a wall that my children can stare at when allowed by their mother
Other than that; a cashing machine that won’t ever give enough monetarily
Why would anyone care to relate, why would anybody really bother?
I’m just sick of this whirlpool sucking me down and I wish to expire conclusively.

I hope that the others are happy adding to my ongoing devastation
I hope their having the best time of their lives, just for the sake of it
As they strip me of all my rights, while justifying their discrimination
To make fun of my truthful desire to spend time with my kids.


Found Body

An empty seat in the bus of my mind
I can’t let go of what I lack inside
Try to draw a smile, while really dying
Try to say I love you while waiting to expire.

No, there’s no end of the road for a walk like this
No, there’s no exit way for a life like this
Amputate my heart, I don’t really need it
Just to be despised for the things I can’t deal with.

I will finish this task
With blood on my hands
Oh, I will untie this knot
With bruises around my neck.

The sinking ship is calling out my name
I can’t change the things that are the same
Try to let go, while burying all your hopes
Trying to show the love while hanging from this rope.

No, there’s no end of the road for a walk like this
No, there’s no exit way for a life like this
Amputate my faith, I don’t really need it
Just to be scorned for the things I can’t deal with.

I will finish this job
With a scratch on the list
Oh, I will let go of the gun
After I empty all of its chambers.

I’m too old to move forward with all that’s just a dream
I promise when I go away, I’ll try not to scream
I’m the kind of person who has attempted this before
Maybe this time I’ll succeed and all of this will be no more.

Delirium Tremens

So, this mist, oh, this mist
Has come over me
Fire for the smoke
One more word I can’t spell.

The show is on
This clown is sick
I quit, I quit, I quit
Maybe tomorrow I’ll trigger pull it.

The smudge on the picture
Don’t care to interpret it
Don’t care, don’t care, don’t care
Would anyone do that for me?


The Apportion

You’re supposed to be
All that was meant to be
Never mind all the other things
That your eyes tend to see.

Did you hear in your head?
Did you dream in your bed?
When bodies’ laying
All they do is bleed.

This your journey
It’s in your genes
No turning back now
Do what you have to do.

You’re where you should
Where your soul feels wooed
Never mind all the tiny dents
Distracting from the main event.

Did you see on a dream?
Did you play it on a scene?
When bodies’ bleeding
All they do is scream.

This your voyage
It’s in your DNA
No turning back now
Do what you came to do.

If it all feels familiar
Dust under the devil’s rug
A pattern rectilinear
This is the grave you’ve dug.

I know they tried to warn you
All the souls that tried to guide you
But you’re better off with your father
Just like the son told the Sanhedrin multitude

Do you ever dream of getting married?
Would you like another kind of ceremony?
No body strings for those immolated
A celebration of a supernatural patrimony.


Te has ido para siempre
Y ya nunca volverás
Y los recuerdos en mi mente
Ya no dan para más.

Casi borrados completamente
No recuerdo ya tu cara
Y ahora me es insuficiente
Yo necesito un poco más.

El dolor aun aquí existente
Que jamás huira
Y así permanecerá por siempre
Sin dejarme escapar.

En ese tiempo eternamente
El pasado que no pasará
Y así yo habré de esperarte
Hasta que mi cuerpo desista.

¡Oh maldita Muerte!
Quien me ha robado lo más preciado
Ven por mí, en el presente
Yo quiero volver a los brazos de mi niño amado.

Yo por ti soy indolente
Desde que arrancaste mi corazón
Y te integraste en mi inconsciente
Afligiendo en suplicio a mi razón.


All That I Feel, I Feel It All Just For You

If I could fall in love again
I would fall in love with you, my love
If I could share all I am without refrain
It would certainly be with you, my all.

This little light that glows
It’s my own but I wish to be both ours
Do you understand? Do you know?
How’s to need someone so bad, so much?

If I was given a chance to choose
I would choose you to be part of my life
If I could make one thing be true
It would certainly spend my time with you.

This tiny beat that thumps
It’s in me but I wish to be in both of us
Can you feel it? Do you know?
How’s to long for someone so bad, so much?

I wish you could see
That all that I feel
I feel it all just for you.


Stringed Cornea

Your name is shame
And it shouldn’t be spelled
Or even pronounced
What would others think?

My thoughts about you
Should be in complete silent
My need for you in secret
I don’t wish to be left alone.

My love for you
Should be reduced to minimum
Comfortable enough
For others to be around me.

My trust for you
Should come in second
Not to sound nuts
When I’m left empty handed.

My devotion should be banned
This world will forgive my sins
And not even give a fuck about them
To hell the one who died for me.

Love is a word of the mouth
To be felt on the skin
The heart is just a muscle
Ignore all of its mysteries.

There’s nothing out there
And there’s nothing in here
Why the meaning has to
Be so materialistic and mundane?

Help others only to feel better
About how good you are
Only to feel insulted
When someone points out it’s not enough.

The end of it all lies in here
The end of life lies in this line
No meaning but other than to be momentarily content
No reason but the self-reward
No on-going gesture, no eternal promise
No magic, no soul, no ever seeing what’s invisible.
Lock me up in this world’s biggest prison
For I say, fuck this world’s stupid rules!