Ink Over Bullets

Posted: March 10, 2015 in Angry Poetry, Artsy Poetry, Encouraging Poetry
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This is dedicated to the war there is in the music media/business.

Ink Over Bullets

Don’t tell what’s wrong
To the one that write all the words
Don’t dish out these things
On the one who can write a comeback.

Don’t tell me this style doesn’t suit well on me
I think that this anger looks pretty sick on me
Cause for me it comes to paper or weapon
It’s my choice, not yours; ink over bullets.

Watch out your mouth
When you’re addressing the lyricist
It’s best to bite your tongue
Cause now I have to rely on this shit.

Stick your opinions up yours
Nobody cares to hear about them
Don’t mess with the frontman
Nobody even knows your name.

You can be replaced any time
To realize your own solo dream
Don’t get in the way of my art
Leave all of the screaming to me.

  1. Nice!! It had a bit too much bass though hehe just kidding. I agree that as artist we are who we are and we shouldn’t let anyone tell us we are wrong. I love the title it just fits with what you are saying. Great way of expressing your emotions.

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