The Apportion


The Apportion

You’re supposed to be
All that was meant to be
Never mind all the other things
That your eyes tend to see.

Did you hear in your head?
Did you dream in your bed?
When bodies’ laying
All they do is bleed.

This your journey
It’s in your genes
No turning back now
Do what you have to do.

You’re where you should
Where your soul feels wooed
Never mind all the tiny dents
Distracting from the main event.

Did you see on a dream?
Did you play it on a scene?
When bodies’ bleeding
All they do is scream.

This your voyage
It’s in your DNA
No turning back now
Do what you came to do.

If it all feels familiar
Dust under the devil’s rug
A pattern rectilinear
This is the grave you’ve dug.

I know they tried to warn you
All the souls that tried to guide you
But you’re better off with your father
Just like the son told the Sanhedrin multitude

Do you ever dream of getting married?
Would you like another kind of ceremony?
No body strings for those immolated
A celebration of a supernatural patrimony.

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