Posted: March 31, 2015 in Painful Poetry, Struggle Poetry
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To wake up and go to sleep, it’s meaningless
As well as waiting for it all to turn for the best
The promise of an afterlife is not enough
To keep it all still, to keep my heart stable.

These things I cannot fix have taken turn
Now I cannot do but stare at them as they burn
Another dear memory that goes down the shitter
Maybe it’s time to call it quits, so call me a quitter.

This ongoing battle has stripped me from any hope left
So stop begging me to believe, I know I’ve failed the test
And the lesson is about to fuck me up as everything else
I’ve killed myself a thousand times but it simply will not rest.

To write this down to let go, it’s pretty useless
As well as waiting for time to heal all wounds
The promise of future justice is insufficient
To keep it quiet, and let it all sort out, no, no, no.

These stolen parts I can’t regain, it hurts
Now I cannot do but stare at them as they curve
Another loving action warped by their greediness
Maybe it’s time to walk away, so label it abandonment.

This ongoing battle has torn my muscles, sucked dry my energy
So stop asking me to try still, I know I’ve lost in all this
And the end results are about to fuck me up as everything else
I’ve pushed further a thousand times but it still won’t make a difference.

I’m just a wall that my children can stare at when allowed by their mother
Other than that; a cashing machine that won’t ever give enough monetarily
Why would anyone care to relate, why would anybody really bother?
I’m just sick of this whirlpool sucking me down and I wish to expire conclusively.

I hope that the others are happy adding to my ongoing devastation
I hope their having the best time of their lives, just for the sake of it
As they strip me of all my rights, while justifying their discrimination
To make fun of my truthful desire to spend time with my kids.

  1. beingcreativebc says:

    I wish there were words to say. I know that words can’t make it better, so I won’t waste them. I don’t know your pain but I’m here with you and I’m sorry for all the unfair hurt you all are going through. Know that I love you and I’m in this with you. I’m here to listen, care, love and support. (((((Hugs)))))))

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