Hypocrisy runs around
Hypocrisy runs under
Ignoring the sound
Ignoring the thunder.

Honesty lacks in this world
Honesty lacks in our selves
The denial of the Word
The abandonment of the faith.

When being good is not enough
When acting nice simply doesn’t cut it
When aiding others doesn’t guaranty us
That we are doing the will of the Father.

Point at the mote in thy brother’s eye
Before taking the beam off our own
Is this a reflection of what I’m seeking?
To echo at someone else my own flaws?

Always asking not be judged
While judging others in the process
Judging them for their shortcomings
For that false expectation we created
In our heads and add up to our faith.

  1. This is very powerful. I read the truth in your word on how so many of us are with others whether believer or not. I enjoyed the complex yet simplistic style.

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