I moved away cause there was no one in this place
Everybody left and this space was completely deserted
I searched for the signal and stood for the voice
But no fire was ignited, no thunder in the sky roared.

I took my cross but grew weary of its weight
I beg to the heavens to send an angel to help me
Like the world that had ignored me, it was silent
Since I know there’s someone up there, I felt disappointed.

I can never become the enemy of my Lord
Even if He holds me responsible as one who has betrayed Him
I want to believe more in his love than in his punishment
The mercy that overcomes all faults, and forgives everything.

I haven’t been able to outrun this world’s fury
I haven’t found a place to escape all of its pain
Even if I hide behind my own pride and temporary contentment
When the night comes, I feel the evident hollow echoing.

The ones who’ve lost their humanity
Won’t be able to understand this
The ones that are too deep in their pride
Won’t be able to relate
Those who never believed in you
Won’t ever believe in anything
Then there are the ones like me;
They handle all they can take.

What to say to a God that knows everything?
What to ask to a God that will do only as He wishes?
How to stay when all you know is to keep running?
How to rely on faith when you have trusting issues?

Under the feet of men I’ve been dwelling
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, a hopeless spall
A lamp to lost its light, the earth gone unsalted
For in the fleeting time I’ve lost much, more and all.

  1. You brought me to tears. I can hear the struggle and sincere longing in your voice. I can really relate and at times I can’t seem to express these feelings and thoughts which you have done so well here. Thank you for sharing this. Love the poem.

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