Automatic Magnets

Sexual beings doing sexual things when their mood is on
Well, all these things can be fun when you push all the right buttons
The core of the eyes are wired to the electric impulses
A word or a move; a reaction towards the reactor: automatic magnets.

There’s something “evil” about the way we desire it all
A storm in our hormones, our animal instincts have needs as well
Nothing scientifically logic when all you want is to feel…
Your skin upon somebody else’s skin; the best rush of dopamine.

Nothing is forever, might as well take the chance present at the moment
Tomorrow is for regrets, it always has been, especially in matters of the heart
Whether you do this for the feelings contained, or the urge in your dermis
Take your chance to make your hugest mistake or obtain your biggest reward.

  1. beingcreativebc says:

    I like it. Filled with desire and passion. There is too much thinking at times and people fear what might happen and end up doing nothing. I think that chancing it for love or the heart is always worth it. Sometimes we just have to jump and see where it leads us. 🙂

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