Posted: April 23, 2015 in Loss Poetry, Painful Poetry, Reflection Poetry, Sad Poetry
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When I wrote this, I did with a lot of guilt and hurt in my heart. This is dedicated to one of my mentors. One of the most honest, struggling person I’ve met. Your faith has saved you and now you’re with your Lord.


Nobody remembers the dead
When they were alive, we might as well forgot about them
Everyone pretends not to know who they were
The life they spend with sacrifice, with love, with pain.
This ghost haunts inside my head
No, I wasn’t the biggest friend nor was I there at the end
Everything I promised I would do for, I never did
This is a heavy weight I have to live with, and nothing else
In times like this, you realize you could have done so much more.

Now they rest
They don’t need of your support anymore
You don’t need to visit them when they’re sick
You don’t need to remind them how much you love them
You don’t need to worry about how their doing
You don’t need to worry how they feel;
If they’re hungry, sad, or alone.
Now they’re in a better place, where they’re being taken care of.

Parents mourn their child
When life runs backwards
And the young die before the old
No parent can stand to see their child being sick
No parent can stand to see their child suffer
No parent should witness their child die
And no parent should bury their own child
The thought of Heaven isn’t comfort enough
When you’re hurting because of the loss
But the strength’s in the will of the host
And sometimes instead of fighting is best to rest
Is not about giving up but about letting go
When your name is being called
And with a smile you respond to your caller
You leave a gleam of hope for those down here
Who do still remember.

  1. beingcreativebc says:

    This is very touching and sad. It’s always hard to lose someone that we care about and I think that we all always feel that we could or should have done more. I’m sorry that you are hurting and know that I’m here loving and comforting you. ((((((((((Hugs))))))))))))) beautiful poem and powerful words. Love you.

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