The Insubstantial Argument

May the murderous intents of my subconscious get you
I wanna strip you of your devilish ways and deliver you
In fire, burn in the flames, may you scorch before purifying
Because you have to pay for all of the cheating and lying.

May this scarlet knife reach your throat and open the wound
Let the red waters of your body be spilled in this sacred ground
To toss away whatever is left, so useless, so pathetic, so you
You wasted your life being a puppet of the beast, so foolishly.

May this bat knock those teeth off that cynical mocking smile
I should have let the enemies of the Lord get even with you
Damn the day I spared your soul, they should’ve gone wild
With the ways a real demon hunts its prey, to do what you do.

May the mouths of hell open wide and swallow you whole
Such wire strings to hold you still, (light your smoke,) choke on dynamite
The gun of your father point at your head, to reach the goal
Now close your eyes, things are about to get really creative.

  1. Wow this is riveting. You really unleash your emotions and feelings here. Sometimes it’s good to let them out in a safe, healthy way. I can really understand your frustration and rage. I wish words could do more but know that no matter what I’m by your side through it all. I love you.

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