This is dedicated to some people I know. It’s self explanatory.

The Pattern

Come love me
Don’t ignore me
I need much more
Than anyone could
Come suffocate me
I can’t stand you.

Love me, love me
Hear me, hear me
I hurt and I scream
And I love and I hate
And I fuck things up
But if you come closer
Maybe, just maybe
No, just forget about it
This is fucked up!
Just go away!
Why are you leaving?
Fucking betrayer!

I’ll come to love you
I’m here to help you
Take care of you
But come one listen
Why are you ignoring?
Go fuck yourself!

My heart is broken
My heart loves you
I could never harm you
I wish that I could
Don’t ever mind that
I was just kidding
Why are you laughing?
You think I’m a joke?

Go fuck yourself!
Everyone’s the same
Always pretending
I’m here still waiting
For someone to love me
For someone to let me in
Don’t dare to touch me
You’re so disgusting!!!

This is the pattern
It’s not my fault
I didn’t built it
Don’t dare to break it
And say what it’s wrong
This is my comfort
This is my shelter
This is my world, my own!

  1. Wow this is so strong. Everyone is not the same. You know that is not so. I’m so sorry you seem hurt! I hope that you are ok!

    • bloodnshadow says:

      Thanks for reading and replying. When I wrote this I wasn’t doing to reflect my feelings or describe the people close to me. These are not my thoughts. Just something I’ve been reading for years from people who wish to be loved and all they do is bicker at everyone who gets close to them. I’m doing so-so. But if ur worried that I’m angry or upset about anyone here, my friends here, I’m not. You’ve been nothing but good to me and I couldn’t say otherwise. I hope ur doing good.

      • OH I totally understand that! Just making sure and checking on you to make sure! I would not like if I missed an opportunity to express my feelings! I am doing well just had a chance to get on my reader tonight! 😀

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