This poem is from the perspective of a woman.


Secret Lovers

Do you remember how my innocence used to play its part at this game?
Do you remember how my ignorance used to play this part so perfectly?
Can I ask you; do you still use your sweet swirling words In order to tame?
Can I ask you; have your word play tricks worked as well for you recently?

Your love is an enigma
And your rejection semantic
Leaving in an stigma
In what I thought is romantic.

Do you remember how you used to put your little soldiers back in line?
Do you remember how naïve I was back then when I didn’t understand?
Can I ask you; do you still secretly use a technique that webs into my mind?
Can I ask you; do still rely on your cards tricks when things go out of hand?

Your love is conundrum
And your rejection a paradox
Beating on like a drum
Buried inside this little box.

Do you still love the taste of young woman’s tongue?
Or are you still in search for a softer, silkier skin?
You used to kiss me in ways that you would make my whole mouth numb
And you didn’t care about the dangers of being seen.

Your love is an ambiguity
And your rejection is stoic
Feeding up the curiosity
Making it feel almost euphoric.

  1. beingcreativebc says:

    I love it. I love the perspective this poem is told from. The sweet innocence and seduction. I enjoyed reading this poem as I do with all of your poems. Keep writing baby. You are amazing. Love you.

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