Hammer Fault

There’s always a battle
A conflict of some kind
And when you think it is over
You make one in your mind.

There’s always history
A past that can’t be undone
You live in this misery
Taking hold of your heart and your bones.

All the science and psychology
Of this world can’t give the remedy
Neither all the knowledge nor the words spoken
All the religion or theology
Of this planet won’t fix the reality
Neither the powers to be nor your hallucination.

There’s always a speck
Something to stare at
And when you think it is okay
You then make a start.

There’s always memory
A ghost that still lurks inside
You strive in this agony
Taking hold of your spirit and your mind.

You can run or look the other way
But when least expected it will stab at your back the knife in
So either be in notion of the words to say
Or let this motion rise from the depth and watch the flames begin.


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