Background Motion

The usual pain is taking over
It must’ve been something I hid under my sleeves
It takes too much to be this sober
And in the meanwhile it keeps being stolen being thieves.

Every marksman’s lock and ready
Silence seems king when truth comes out as absurd
Just hold your breath, keep aim steady
This time like every other I’ll be the subject and the verb.

So carry your bag, heavy load
Find shelter under the bridge of your broken hope
I’d say, but I’m not allowed
My words sound like nails screeching down a black board.

The door’s still under lock and key
I guess being positive didn’t have the magic formula in it
I’m way past have “faith and believe”
When Jesus is a cotton candy seller passing by my street.

Let the acid rain pour down
I bet the children wouldn’t mind until they start to melt
I’m not an actor, I’m just a clown
And the way I strangle myself is by the tight of the belt.

I’m not a poet, I’m just a bum
And all I scribble’s the pan I handle, begging for some
You’ll know by the tick of the bomb
The magnesium explosion for the day still to come.

You’re not a listener, not an audience
Just passerby that turned your sight by the glow in the light
There’s no math problem, this is no science
It’s just a life demanding, still imploring for what’s right.

In this background motion
I’m just a subliminal message waiting to be found
It can be in matters of the notion
It can be in words or images or in the measures of a sound.

  1. This poem says so much and proves just how much you have to say. I love the flow of this poem as it expresses heartache and disappointment. It is really moving and touching and I can feel your heart in each word that is written. I really enjoyed this poem, sort of reminds me that they say the best writing comes from places of pain. I wish that I could take all the doubt and heartache away and even though I can’t, I will always be by your side, reading, listening and helping you through. I love you!!!

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