This physical world has become something overrated
It’s the same old, same old, same old bullshit glued over
Stop recycling the news, the tactics, the red tape projects
We need a new tragedy that’s not predicted in movies.

Someone else is always to blame
Bastardized by our western point of view
So get me the 30 dollars ticket
30 dollars snacks and extra-large drinks.

You don’t want to hear any of this
You’re sick of my anti-patriotism
So hail the flag of your capitalist family
Hail it to blow away all traces of racism.

This world of our own has become something overrated
It’s this, it’s that, it’s always something we’ve heard before
The stereotypes never grow old, be fearful of faith and respect
We need another card under the sleeves to slay the innocents.

Young soldier gather all your guns
Democracy oblige us to destroy each other
So get me the 30 dollars ticket
Why read the real thing if Hollywood’s gonna rework it?

You don’t care about any of this
Stick your heads in your hard earned jobs
One man’s lunacy is this world’s tragedy
They’re just scripting it all in a larger scale.

This looks like a cartoon show, more and more
Predictive TV, subliminal messages of later occurrences
Leaders and celebrities, can you tell the difference?
Isis and Osiris in the psychosis of our well-oiled-drilled fucked up minds.

  1. You always make such powerful and bold statements. The picture you used is quite perfect and I really love it as a side note. I think too often we all get lost in thinking what matters and forget what really does. Your poem speaks truth. I always love reading your words.

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