This poem is dedicated to my children.


A Phone Call across the Distance

How much time should I stay away?
How much time should I stay in silence?
How much distance is enough for this?
How much time should pass before I walk in?

I have nothing to offer but words
I have no way to prove them true
But have faith that you’ll believe them
And never forget how much they mean.

I tried to lay my pain upon you
I ignored the fact that this is not your weight
Trying to teach you how much a wound hurts
When you’re hurting, alone, in silence, as well.

How much time can I take this?
How many days do I have to wait?
How much distance they want before
The adults realize this is way too much to take in?

I have nothing I can do but pray
Beg god would help me someday
While I see you getting even farther away
As the children of evil take advantage.

I tried to explain these things to you
Ignoring the fact that you have your own problems
And that you’re too young to deal with any of it
I know you’re hurting, alone, missing me as well.

Thanks for reaching out
When the circumstances tries to cut us down
I’m sorry if I scream and shout
I’m trying desperately to demonstrate you what my love is about
But you’ve already figured it out
I guess is the way for God to tell us
That he’s always watching over us.

I’m just a phone call away
And if you need me to I’ll run to pick you up
When you grow older, and tired of this distance
I’ll be right there for you in an instant.


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