Giving blood just to stare at its quavering mouth slurping
Using flesh as bait, just to see its teetering teeth clinching in
You can sense all of the enmity just by listening
To the scraping noises echoing throughout the walls
In the obscure depths of the ghost filled hallways
At nightfall, when the moon bleeds, and the earth leans closer
The nocturnal beast wakes up from its slumber
All of the purpose conjectured comes asunder
Only to wonder what makes the muscles of this creature twitch.

I bet it feels like an itch that you just can’t get rid of
A curse casted by a necromancer or a virtuous mage
I don’t think we will ever find a true cause because
They were the ones who crafted the plot and set up the stage.

Behind iron bars cradles, the arms call out for their powder
The wound inflicted by daggers couldn’t determine their fall
To rise up the bars for those who craved enlightenment and power
But were not born with the mark and never received the call.

It’s the never ending hunger that makes a monster out of oneself
Like the rebuses of ancient spells held in flasks up in the shelf
One drop, one taste, any fool’s driven intensively, insatiably avid
As chains are broadened by muscles, the act is immensely vivid.

For the ones who are still lurking outside
There are four things you must keep in mind;
Do not feed the animal on display, locked in its cage
Do not stare at the prisoner in the eye, it’ll be enraged
Do not tease the beast with your treat, or you’ll distraught it
Whatever happens, do not confront it, or it’ll end in slaughter.

Natural instincts that ancient mysticism enforced attributes to
Whether this is a hoax to be proven false or a fact proved to be true…

I can’t help but feel awestricken just by the facts presently arrayed
Be overwhelmed by the cards I’ve been handed to but still haven’t laid
And thus the mystery lingers; can there be a hidden meaning under these sleeves?
Maybe an exemption from the enslavement of the five thieves?

  1. Well, I had to do some reading after that, to even see what “Sikhism” was. Fascinating stuff, always good to learn new things, amazing it has such a large following. The things that you learn. Your poems always say so much, it is refreshing. Another thought provoking poem. Will always love your work babe and you too 😉

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