Broken Communication

I see you there, so close
But so impossible to reach
Through my HD screen
Impossible to feel your touch
And I’m dying a little inside
But I must keep this silent
For the sake of your happiness
Your happiness is my happiness.

I hear your voice through the phone
Imagining how much you’ve grown
It’s been so many days so far apart
And this has broken a piece of my heart
Every once a while I lose it
And I feel like ending my pain
Cause without you there’s no living
You were the reason I was created.

I wonder how much it’ll take
Before you forget me?
Before you forget who I am
Before I become useless
To all your needs, and your life
Before you come to realize
That in the distance you’ve learned
Not to need my presence anymore.

I try so hard, to reach you
I try so hard, to fix this up
But I let them stripped me off
Of the chances there were.
I apologize for my insufficient attempts
I apologize for being on the losing side
I apologize for no matter what I try
You’re never gonna here be by my side.

Little by little, I’m dying inside
And when the day comes
That you decide to walk away
That’ll be for me the end
So before that day comes
I just want for you to know
That I love you and always will
With all heart, my brain, my soul, and bones.

  1. Gretiana says:

    What is that barrier that keeps you away from the one you love. Is it so insurmountable?

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