Soughing in there again
Painting in watercolor all of the canvas of my confidence
And I feel drawn to the bait in the hook
And this perseverance reels me straight to your arms
Dragging me in back again
They say I will grow out of this delightful enchantment
If I give into all your good looks
If I don’t see pass the mirage of what could bring me harm.

You can always reinvent yourself
The past is just a whisper blown by the wind
You just take a look at yourself
If we break is because we’re fine as strings
The end’s what you choose for yourself
You’re typewriter writing up this life’s script
Keep the strength to love yourself
You’re a story worthy to be noticed, to be read.

Staring at me again
Rearranging all the shapes in the veils of my countenance
And all of my surroundings simply vanish
And I forget what was the reason, what was this about?
They keep telling me again
But if you want, you can always counterstrike them
Without reaching for any other purpose
Than fighting for something you know you can truly love.

I do believe that fear is the one thing holding us back
Binding us, not allowing us to trust passed the unknown path
I don’t want to count up the numbers (of the past), keep on that track
I just want to cherish this new experience, something I never had.


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