Callously Unsympathetic

Tic toc goes the clock
Insanity for the famished bum
Humbleness or hunger?
Which one will hold its own?
Go zig zagging
With the piercing stare
And their secreted murmur
As if this organism couldn’t notice
What is surrounding its shell
If just a story for no one to tell
Carry on in your journey
Never mind the moving shadows
Crying under the bridge.

Amount to what you know
Recycling secondhand information
Every new formula that comes up
Should be x-rayed by the ones
Holding the rod and standing on top
The crown can only be wore
By the voices that sound familiar
Comforting to your accustomed ears
Non-strange to your typical reaction
How to prove the invisible?
You just have to trust the word of mouth
When the subject becomes the verb in action
Everyone retrieve their giving hands
Afraid of getting caught in the flame.

An ant against a wasp army
Does it even stand a chance?
Even its best friends
Gathered up for the fodder
Pretending not to know it
Swaying in great distance
They would sell their own parents
Just to have a taste of the earnings.
Paranoid and paralyzed
Best of two combinations
That could make any living thing
Futile rendered
Once soft and tender
Bite your own tongue
And taste on the blood
At the loss of the grip
It’s just cherry bubblegum.

Is it time for the anesthetic?
Before everything becomes convoluted
Callously unsympathetic
The end results end up unresolved
Who does really care?
Move forward
Move forward my son
Never mind the distractions
The side track of the truth
Just keep moving forward
Move forward and on
Towards to the sun.

  1. beingcreativebc says:

    I love the way this poem builds. It is both harsh and uplifting. I like how it ends with push of moving forward. Sometimes everything goes wrong and you feel like giving up but you just have to keep going. Sometimes we are lucky to have people in our corner reminding us of just this. Another example of your huge talent babe. I love you.

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