Misogynistic Crime

Posted: September 26, 2015 in Angry Poetry, Dark Poetry
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Some people are the worst. They hide behind a smile to do the worst kind of things. They pretend to be victims of the things, and then they’re the one to do them. I’ve had very bad luck with women. They’ve tricked me into believing they’re nice people and they’ve been hurt in life, when all along is them who have done that to others. I don’t trust many people cause of it. I’ve been mocked over and over again even by the people who has told me they love me the most. I’ve been played so many times that I’ve grown sick of it. This poem is just me venting in a poetic way. Since I can’t and won’t do anything to anyone. The most I can do is write these frustrations down.

Misogynistic Crime

I wish my words were a jagged edge knife to slit your throat with
And my hate was a loaded gun so I can shoot your face with it
I wish my fist could pound your mouth, thinking you’re so smart
I should’ve noticed the signs and trust my guts back from the start
When you began behaving like you were the boss of me
Like you are above me, trying to step on me
While being hypocritical about what you are doing
And being cynical about what you’ve done
Cause you’ve been playing games and laughing your ass off for far too long
Keep being the same drama queen,
Keep pretending you are the one who was wronged
Denying everything you’ve caused, hiding behind your mom’s ass
When people stops following along and begin seeing through your façade
I don’t have to pretend to be gentle man; I’ll tell it like it is
But you’re so stupid that you won’t understand what I mean
Call it misogynistic crime, with your feminist bullshit
So you can dance your way into somebody else’s dick
Keep daydreaming in your musical, you’re mentally sick
Keep on with your smiling face, you opportunistic bitch
You’re like every other woman out there, you’re no different
You’re a product of this fucked up world, trying to fuck others up
No need to apologize, whore, all this hate that I have stored
Here for you… is here for you…
And so, use your tragic back story
To get on people’s soft side
Without them really noticing
You’re just a bigotristic “feminist” piece of shit.


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