Reign of Feign

Keep all the truth under wraps
Hidden behind the big red tape
While they set up all the traps
And we excuse all of their rape.

They pour gasoline on what’s left of the trace
Set it on fire to only present the light in the glow
You can see them destroy all of the evidence
But you’re still not convinced this is part of the show.

They will silence whoever they need
Whoever is reading lines not set in the script
They will make sure that you’re dead
Before you attempt to speak this out in public.

Money is what is moving the really big wheel
And greed is what’s fueling the impervious engine
Why rule with love when you can rule with steel?
They need the conspiracy to still be in synergy.

They shove it in your face so they can laugh
They secretly yelling “we’re getting away with it”
I wonder for how longer this charade will last
Before we decide we have had enough of their shit.

  1. beingcreativebc says:

    These are very harsh and true words. I think that many people will agree with what you said. The greedy have been getting away with abuse and mistreatment too long. Another strong poem fueled with heart and emotion. Love reading your work as always. 🙂

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