I’m not here to write “pretty poetry that shows off the beauty of life”. You can always read about that in countless of really good blogs that are around. As for me, I’m here to write whatever I want, whatever I feel, and that’s that. All in all, thanks to all the people who read my poems and give me support.

Intellectual Properties

Turning up the volume of my radio
So I can hide away from these thoughts
For again music is my one true savior
Of the emptiness I can’t escape from.

Give me a pen and piece of paper
I’ll tell my agony as artistic I can write
As if I was born in a golden cradle
To care about rhymes more than for eloquence, right?

We were supposed to change the world
Not to compete who has more GPA score in their sets of words
In come the alchemists, trying to turn lead into gold
But you’re not Midas but Medusa, turning us folks into stone.

We’re intellectual properties
Controlled by snobs who think they know any better
We’re all visceral products
If we attract economic welfare we all can be bought.

Give in, in line, and wait for your turn
If you’re not politically correct, we’ll watch you burn
Suck it in, as in suck on cocks, Why try to disguise the master’s stream?
This is the only way to jump into reality and break off from the dream.

  1. This has your same biting honesty. I think that art needs to be honest because it is an expression of ourselves. I think everyone has an audience, they just need to find it. You are so talented and your words have meaning and express you. Others will read and appreciate that, I know I do.

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